The Gardens

Spring is here. Flowers bloom in abundance, transforming the bare trees into colourful, vibrant splashes of colours. Dozens of Mallard dot the river and its shore, dedicating this time to finding a mate, and in some cases raising a dozen fluffy ducklings. Others just dedicate the time to basking in the sun or resting by the rivers shore.

And on everything the sun basks it golden light.


New life is everywhere, from the vibrant green buds that are beginning to shoot out to the fluffy cute ducklings guarded vigilantly by their mother.

The Little Shags have returned in force, gathering material for their nests, the first time for many young ones. Some are a little clumsy. Black Swans nest by the riverbank, and Kereru sit snuggled up on their nest, hidden by the trees. But what captures my attention most is a pair of Bellbird constructing a nest in a Magnolia tree, occasionally having to chase out the neighbouring bellbirds.

Even some Quail have taken up residence at the gardens. 


The Black Swans snatch away the last surprise of the day and even let me come close. 

And closer still.

Until they are too close to focus, close enough to touch. This is why I do Wildlife Photography. To have these experiences with incredible creatures like these. 

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